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Why Girls Find Pleasure in Dating Bad Boys

October 15, 2016

It’s enough that I have enjoyed your stupidity. I have a phobia entertaining idiots and I pity Erick for having fallen in love with a silly chic like you! was a text message that I sent to one bothersome lady. After being stressed up for sometime, she apologized for her actions and begged me to continue loving her (actually I never and don’t love her) saying that she will do her best to be a good girl. In the real sense, the bad one in this friendship is me because every time we talk, what we do is quarrel.

From online dating, I had a lady who is ten years older than me. After some few days of online communication and phone calls, she started dishonoring her promises. In order to stop our friendship, I sent her a text message requesting her to grow up and stop acting like a 20 year old big woman. Another text sent to stop our friendship followed later describing her silly old woman who refused to grow up upstairs. Instead of hating me, the old woman continued to love me and this she confessed to her a friend of mine online.

To show how truthful this statement is, all the girls I have met online and have refused to let me go are those whom I have treated carelessly and had constant fights with. One such lady was quarreled over the phone until she got admitted in the hospital late at night. Another lady had to forgo eating her supper and breakfast because I spent a lot of time composing a hurting email to her.

But why should girls stick to those people who give them a lot of stress? Why can’t girls fall in love and stay in love with men who are polite, honest and truthful? Psychologists have explained this behavior of girls on the principle that girls want to be with men and not boys.

Now, according to girls, a man is a person who is able to arouse them emotionally. If you are not able to make a woman’s emotion rise and feel like talking to you about something, if you are not capable of demanding and ordering a woman to do something or give some sought of explanation, then you are a boy. No matter how bad you look at this, whether you gender sensitivity advocate or equality lawyer, the truth is that most women prefer living or going out with men who take control of situations.

According to a woman, a man who does not quarrel her or demand explanations for misbehavior in the strongest words possible is just but a little baby. A man who is always polite and can be manipulated into good reasoning does not make life enjoyable. A full experience for a woman’s life comes from fear of threats and a feeling of security will always accompany her fears.

A man that is able to demand from, command and threaten a woman is considered able to control his life and the life of those he cares about. A woman will fall deeply in love with a man she feels secure under his arms that a one she feels like protecting. A woman needs a woman who knows his rights and what to do when whatever happening happens.

Therefore, being a polite honest and loving caring man might not just be enough but also exercising the roughness side of you will make your woman stick close.

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