Trisha Walsh Smith: Dating Rant or Dating Advice?

November 17, 2016

How I Dealt with My Public Breakup!

Tricia Walsh Smith, married to Phil Smith, is a woman scorned. After realizing that her husband has a clause in the prenuptial agreement to throw her out with 30 days notice, he decided that he no longer wanted to be with her, and she decided that she would grab her 15 minutes of fame while condoning him and his family via the internet.

Apparently they did not have sexual intercourse. She made this clear when she decided to post a video on YouTube, outlining excruciating details to the public about their personal life.

Tricia Walsh Smith is acting about as mature as my ex-fiancé. He is a male, and she is a female, but other than that, they have a lot in common. How to avoid this situation of a name being defamed in public is something that I, as well as Paul Smith, needed to learn before the demise of the relationship.

It began with the popular page “Facebook” in which he proceeded to send embarrassing videos, and emailing a private, and scandalous “sex tape” to every single person that we knew. This was the first malicious act. I suppose that he was scorned because while on a break I decided that it was best for me to be single – or, single without him.

After cooling the situation with the risqué photos and videos, there began “the battle of the assets,” dividing and choosing who got what from the five year relationship bordered on ridiculous. There was nothing of immense value that I wanted. I did not ask for the valuable electronics, or the extensive and valuable hockey card collection. I merely wanted some art that I had picked up and framed from local artists, and an Indonesian hand painted trunk, as well as my personal belongings.

We had stored some personal effects of a family member – and he began to regard these items as of value and decided to send that family member a note saying that these items were to be sold. Seeing that these items were to be sold, the family member phoned him to plead that the items were not replaceable, antique and were family heirlooms. I tried to explain that these items were not mine for him to sell – but it was like speaking to a wall.

Public arguments, each private thing that happened in the relationship, and secrets were being told left, right and center. His family was under the impression that I was a gold-digger, although I had been making triple what he had been making – and I was blamed for his credit card debt. I was made out to be a very bad person, the woe of all of his problems.

I finally had to delete everyone from Facebook, change my phone number and send an email that I was going to move on – and would speak with him when he got back into town with the items that I required, we would trade when he came into town. It has yet to happen, but I know one thing – it is certainly not going to be uneventful and may result in a YouTube video!

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