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Top 3 Places for Dating I Recommend

September 26, 2016

For quality dating, you need a certain environment in my opinion. Firstly of course you need to be able to talk and have contact. Sitting in the cinema and watching a movie is great but if you want to get to know the person, then this is not really the way to go.
A restaurant gives you the right environment for dating and is a necessary component but should not be a focus for your date. You should use your creativity. She should be excited about your proposed event and it should be something different to something that she normally does every day. Going together to the coffee shop where she sits every day is not going to be the evening of her life that is going to take her breath away.

The number one place I always suggest that is great for dating is ice-skating. Ice skating is something that really appeals to girls but is also an activity they don’t do every day. It gives you the right environment to make closer contact with your new potential partner for life but also gives you something to talk about. Ask her whether she practiced ice skating during her childhood. Whether she likes to watch ice skating on the television as many girls do. The difference between sport ice skating and artistic ice skating. All these are subjects you can discuss and they want to hear from you your opinion. Of course you should also listen carefully to what she has to say on the subject.

The second place I recommend strongly is rock climbing. This is a more intense and active sport but is great for a first date. If it is something she never tried before, all the more reason to have a go. If it is something you both enjoy, you can make it a regular occasion. At the same time you get to see what she is really like and actually what she looks like without all the nice clothes and makeup.

Rock climbing is a great event for a mid-day date and the best part about it is that it combines an element of fear of heights and gets the adrenaline going. It is an exciting experience that you will together remember for many years to come.

The third cool idea is going on a paddling boat across a lake or river. This is something fun which you can do at your local park and, if the weather is great, creates a really nice atmosphere. You can talk about a whole range of things, get close to each other and even get ice cream. Many parks have these and this kind of activity really appeals to the weaker sex. If you are looking for entertainment, you can go and shoot for prizes right after.

The right way to go about all these activities is to plan in advance. If you want to make everything to go smoothly, think through what you are going to do throughout your date. If you are romantic, you can recite a poem along the way but also make a reservation in advance where you are going to eat. Think about how you are going to travel to and from the place you are visiting and what kind of other things you need to do in order to make the experience as convenient as possible for your date. All these things are obvious but you have to do them.

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