Societal Views: Persons with Disabilities and Dating

December 27, 2016

The misconceptions about people who have disabilities and the sexuality of these people are what is sometimes the most disturbing in society. In the mainstream of society the disabled person is not viewed as a sexually capable person. Society has produced pictures and perceptions that are not conclusive with the actual state of sexuality within the disabled world of dating. It is easily noticed in the media and movies, as romantic roles are rarely given to the disabled, further making the perceptions of dating a disabled person out of minds reach for society as a whole. Many people are not open minded enough about dating a disabled person to actually attempt to do so. In America, the average person is unaware of how disabled people live, love, and work and they simply do not want to know about.

Sex, love, and relationships are not completely dependent on the physical aspects of the disabled; there is a mental guise of love that is prevalent that most people dismiss altogether.-

Communicating points to make the reality of the world of the disabled as it applies to dating and intimacies, more widely known through being articulate and mature about disabled sexual and dating relationships. Many times while seeking personal relationships as a disabled person it is difficult to move from the perception of being considered as just a friend. Many able bodied individuals either is not interested in becoming involved on a personal level or are socially programmed to believe that an intimate relationship with a disabled person will not be a socially acceptable choice. They may feel as though it is a reflection of weakness on their part that they must resort to dating someone viewed by society as less than one hundred percent able physically or otherwise. When people begin to understand that the mind and heart of a disabled person is not the disabling factor (unless that is truly the case) to concentrate on, they may actually give themselves possibilities for a truly fulfilling relationship.

A readiness to meet people with disabilities should be encouraged and accepted into mainstream society with open arms as the disabled is able to be supportive, loving, and successful partners. The thoughts and attitudes of able bodied persons that would be friends with a disabled person but seem unable or unwilling to date a disabled person should keep in mind that they are cutting off real possibilities for finding what it is that most of us strive to achieve. The loves, companionship, support, and caring of another individual as we travel this journey called life. Many of the disabled are intelligent human beings who lead a normal life fully capable of taking good care of themselves deserving of a good mate despite any physical disability. A disability should not be viewed as a sentence of a lifetime of loneliness and fake niceties by people who view a disability a permanent hindrance in all aspect of life; specifically that of dating.

The unique perspective of the disabled person offers new experiences for society and individuals seeking a life partner. The contributions to any personal relationship that the disabled person can make are endless.

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