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Dating & Relationships: 5 Types of Men that Are “Bad News”

December 7, 2016

When we are really attracted to someone we really want to believe he might be the perfect man for us. Let’s face it ladies, we do tend to turn our head away from some very obvious signs that may be showing us this man could be “Bad News”. I’m not talking about a really bad guy, but one that is not worth keeping in the long run. A man who might just keep disappointing us over and over again. Let’s…

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eDating Knowledge

The Real Benefits Behind Internet Dating

November 21, 2016

Are you one of those individuals that’s past all of the reindeer games that dating plays on your life? Are you now ready to settle down with a person you can have a long term relationship or just someone to have some fun with, but you soon realize that your genetics such as your size, look and age can be an issue? I say that this is total rubbish if you think about it because every single day that passes…

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Tips & Advice

3 Single Parent Dating Tips

November 19, 2016

You have your kids, who are a comfort but they’re not the same as having that special someone to cherish and walk through life with. Though some may try, and they do, it’s just not the same. This fact often raises the question of when to start dating again. Keep in mind; I’m just a person providing dating advice for single parents. Unlike Dr. Laura, I hold no professional credentials for what I’m about to say but rather am shooting…

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Classic Study About Why Dating Has Always Been Hard

November 17, 2016

While I am no expert on the modern sport of “dating,” I am a classically trained hound. Moreover, I understand the plight of many of my brethren who are stuck in this realm; even for my female contemporaries; I can feel their pain. Put lightly, dating sucks. It’s unreliable, it’s fickle as heck, and for all that work you do on the front side for what you put in, you’re never sure what is going to come out. Keeping the…

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Trisha Walsh Smith: Dating Rant or Dating Advice?

November 17, 2016

How I Dealt with My Public Breakup! Tricia Walsh Smith, married to Phil Smith, is a woman scorned. After realizing that her husband has a clause in the prenuptial agreement to throw her out with 30 days notice, he decided that he no longer wanted to be with her, and she decided that she would grab her 15 minutes of fame while condoning him and his family via the internet. Apparently they did not have sexual intercourse. She made this…

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Offbeat Tips & Advice

A Humorous Look at True Dating Experiences

November 16, 2016

Dating can be a very stressful experience, but it can also be an extremely funny experience as well. I have had both good and bad dates. The good ones have led to relationships while the bad, and funny ones have just led to stories and given me the ability to give some advice from what I have learned. I’m by far not a dating expert and have only been in a couple serious relationships in my life, but I’ve learned…

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