My Experience with Online Dating

February 17, 2017

The Meh, the Bad Bad Bad, and the Creepy I have never been a particularly social person, but I do have a handful of good friends that I love dearly. We always had a good time, and they kept me sane through high school and the first few years of college. I’m not good at meeting people by myself, but with my circle of friends I was never alone. And so you can imagine I had problems when I moved…

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Tips & Advice

Dating Advice: How to Get that Guy

February 16, 2017

Alright so You’re Casually Dating a Guy, How Do You Get Him to Be Yours? So you are dating a guy but nothing offical and you are free to date others. You want more, you want him to be yours… offically. Here are five steps to make him yours. The only way they won’t work is if the guy isn’t in to you and just likes girls waiting on him anytime. Which, if that’s the case, you’re better off anyways.…

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Rules for Dating a 30-Something Woman with Children

February 15, 2017

Some Basic Tips to Get You a Second, or Third Date It seems that everyone I know is going through a divorce, has just been through a divorce, or is planning a separation lately. After a decade or so of marriage, for a myriad of reasons, women in their 30’s find themselves thrown back in the dating scene. Things have changed since they were in their 20’s, that’s for sure. The same rules do not apply to single mothers with…

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eDating Tips & Advice

The Top 4 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile was Ignored

February 14, 2017

Is Your Dating Profile Giving Off Red Flags? Your last relationship was a bust. You are sick of dating losers. Your job is so demanding that by the time you get home it’s time to go back to work. Lately, it seems like the only way you’ll meet a soul mate is if he comes climbing out of your TV during a Real Housewives commercial. Have no fear, online dating is the popular way to go. Despite the recent online…

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Ladies Offbeat Tips & Advice

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Male Exotic Dancer

February 13, 2017

Everyone loves eye candy. The world is full of it, on multiple levels. Adult entertainment industries thrive on visual stimulation. As a result, millions of dollars are made and spent in this industry. Going to see a male revue, or even having a male dancer make an appearance at a bacherlorette party can be loads of fun. But what if you happen to be the girlfriend of one of these male lovelies? There are certainly perks to dating someone who…

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Tips & Advice

Dating Advice for the Professional Single Parent

February 12, 2017

When It’s Time for ME After Years of THEM Dating has always been a ‘bad’ word in our small family. With two girls and a boy, the word dating was equivalent to ‘step-dad’ or ‘dad’s substitute’. Listening to Dr. Laura, I had an image of myself with a cane, quivering over to the bar to meet a soul mate once the children were grown and in college. “It’s not their fault you couldn’t get along with your spouse”… No, it…

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