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No-Strings-Attached Dating

December 25, 2016

Dating, may it be online or personal, is a tough game. Most people do it to find a prospective partner for a long-time relationship. Some others do it for companionship and friendship, while a growing population simply does it for casual, no-strings-attached fun.

This is basically true and rampant especially on the virtual world. When dating websites first started, they were visited and exploited only by social misfits and emotional wrecks. But now anyone, in any age, gender, race, or belief, does it in the hopes of finding not only someone to spend the rest of their lives with but also someone to have fun with, casual fun that is.

The motives why some people settle for no-strings-attached dating are very diverse. Some do it for personal reasons while others do it because they just do. But the most conventional reason one dater has for hopping into this NSA bandwagon is their fear of commitment and serious relationship. Most of them just wanted to have their needs, physical whatsoever, satisfied without ever having to be responsible for anything. Some do it as a one-time thing while others agreed on being regular buddies or friends with benefits.

In the period where one night stands are no longer how they used to be, single daters now seek more positive and agreeable arrangements in terms of casual fun. Most of them wanted their deals to last more than a night without having to compromise or commit themselves into something they’re not ready for. They get all the benefits (and more) of a relationship without the pressure to commit. The farthest they go is just set the rules, and then off they go.

Another reason for people settling on casual encounters is the luxury of time. When you’re single and when it seems that the dating pool is getting bigger and bigger, time becomes of great importance. One doesn’t date two or three partners and then expects to find the perfect one right then and there. So as an alternative, most of them try to “hang out” and spend just a short time with a number of dates to check if they’ll ever work out. And to dodge the bullet of being rejected or getting hurt, they make it clear upfront that commitment is not an issue. In this way, singles are able to manage their time and get to spend with a lot of prospective partners without making promises and without the risk of being disappointed.

No strings attached dating may be fun but, at some point, may just be too superficial. Getting into a no-commitment relationship still has its deals. Some of the dates may just be cool with it, but the longer it exists the greater the inevitable risk of someone getting emotionally involved. One tip is to set some rules for the arrangement. This way, both individuals have a mutual understanding of what is happening and what to expect, trimming down the chance of one, or both, getting hurt.

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