Dating: Younger or Older Men?

January 20, 2017

What’s Your Preference?

Well, being a single woman, dating can be a different arena compared to the finding Mr. Right arena. But then again, I don’t really date (too) casually, nor do I date with the sole purpose of finding Mr. R. I just go out and meet people, as dates or as friends, because I like people. I would generally prefer older men because they are more mature, confident, successful, etc. than younger men (or one would hope), and that view will not change much till the rest of my days. However, I’m at that stage where most men that I meet are younger than me (or do I just hang out with the wrong crowd?), and that’s fine as well. There are always some advantages to being younger, being in better shape, better looking (maybe), and having more of that ‘joi de viv’ still with them, as they try to prove themselves in their career or life in general. They are more daring and bold as they go about living life to the fullest, before “settling down.”

I can go for both (with a slight preference for older), as age is pretty much just ‘a number.’ But when going for serious romantic relationships, I have cut-off ages on how far apart I can go with the age difference (up or down). The main thing is really finding someone I am compatible with, who share the same (or at least similar) values, who will take me as I am, who will not lead me to compromise my integrity & self-worth, and who I can grow old with laughing and making memories through thick & thin. There should be someone out there, right? Plenty of fishes in the sea.

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