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Dating Tips for Single Parents: How to Impress that Special Person

December 9, 2016

Okay, for all you single people, this will help you in impressing that person whom you want to be with you temporarily or permanently. Okay first off, don’t try to act like your all that, the person who you want to be with will NOT like that at all. Also, if you have kids, make sure he/she know, and inform your kids, for a better relationship. He/she will not like you if you don’t spend time with them, but don’t spend every second with them, until marriage. Never EVER talk about your relationships with passed married ones or dates, until marriage also, because then they will think you like that man/woman more than him/her.

Girls/guys love a sense of humor, but don’t make it too vulgar or disgusting, and don’t make it boring, because that is a BIG turn-off. Also, don’t try too hard to be funny, it looks weird and quite annoying. Guys/girls usually hate someone who is over the edge perverted, who would want to stay with someone who always says stuff like, “Hey baby, I heard there was a recall on panties, mind if I help you take those off?”. Sure they MIGHT find it arousing, but they don’t want to marry that kind of person. Don’t force them into any marriage, sexual activity, dates, or anything they don’t feel like doing, it will make them like you MUCH less. Don’t ever yell at them, but that is common sense. You MUST, and I mean MUST, remember their birthday, their parents birthday, and any of their special activities.

I am truly sorry if this does not help you in your pursuit for a girl/boy, this is the stuff I did, and I have a lady, me and her are perfect for each other, because I followed all these things, and now I show you how to get a girl or boy.

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