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Dating & Relationships: 5 Types of Men that Are “Bad News”

December 7, 2016

When we are really attracted to someone we really want to believe he might be the perfect man for us. Let’s face it ladies, we do tend to turn our head away from some very obvious signs that may be showing us this man could be “Bad News”. I’m not talking about a really bad guy, but one that is not worth keeping in the long run. A man who might just keep disappointing us over and over again. Let’s take a look at some of these types of men. You may want to stay clear of these guys!

Too Good To Be True-
I know your probably thinking what’s wrong with that? Well you know the old saying. Men who have a lot to hide often times try extremely hard in the beginning to be absolutely perfect. People aren’t perfect. This should get your attention from the get-go. Yes, most people try to put their best foot forward in the beginning of a relationship or when first dating, but even these people make mistakes. Be very careful if he treats you too perfectly, agrees with everything you say, and acts like you can do no wrong. I guarantee this will not be the situation six months down the road. He is just “Hooking” you into falling in love with him. Once you fall, your down for the count. You’re better off looking for Mr. Real, and leaving Mr. Perfect to the naïve and unaware!

His Friends First-
This is the most annoying one to me. You know the guy who needs his friends around 24/7. If you even think for a moment that things will change once he falls in love with you, you’re just plain crazy. Once a friendaholic, always a friendaholic. You are always going to be just a small part of the picture. If this doesn’t bother you, great. However, almost every woman I have ever known absolutely hates this. They always end up feeling like an afterthought, or just one of the guys. If you truly want a close and intimate relationship, this is not the guy for you!

The Strong Silent Type-
I know miss arrogance, you’re gonna change all that. BULL! With this type of guy you might as well go ahead and get your degree in dentistry. You will be spending your whole time pulling out even the littlest piece of information about him, or how he feels. I don’t know about you but if I’m gonna work that hard, I want to be paid. Don’t ever believe you will EVER have nice long intimate talks with this one. If you really want someone to talk to, either stay clear of this “Bad News Boy”, or make an appointment with a therapist. Remember he’s like that monkey with his hands over his mouth, he speaks No evil, he doesn’t speak, period!

Mr. Pessimistic-
If you don’t want to shoot him, I will do it for free. I was wrong; this is the most annoying trait a man can have. Unless you intend on being on anti-depressants your whole life, I suggest you give this one away to ASG, Addicted to Misery Group. I bet they don’t want him either. Even these types of groups have their standards. Really, don’t get the idea that you can shower him with your sunshine, and change him into Mr. Happy. He is the cloud without the silver lining. His glass will not only be half-empty his whole life, he’ll be trying to steal your half to fill himself up. If you need someone that depressing, check out the local funeral homes. Being truly happy, and optimistic is too important to give it up for this “Sad Sack”!

Mr. Peter Pan-
This kind of guy gets on a woman’s nerves faster than any other in existence. Although he can be fun at times, he has NO idea how to act like an adult. After all that’s why he chose you. You are going to be the responsible one till the day you die with this one. He acts like a two year old in restaurants, supermarkets, and yes, even at your mom and dads at Christmas. He has no clue how to pay bills, or handle any serious situations. He is usually lots of fun in the beginning, but later on, you will be worked to death. He has NO clue how to do anything but have fun, and pass the buck to any idiot that will take it. If that’s what you’re looking for, be my guest, I don’t want him!

Extra, Extra, there you have it, no matter how you read it; these guys are “Bad News”!

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