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Dating Older Women- Relationship Tips and Dating Advice for Younger Men

February 4, 2017

10 Dos and Don’ts of Dating an Older Woman

Most women in general just want to be treated like a queen. The only difference is that younger women tend to tread lightly on the subject of proper treatment, while older women demand the throne or go home. Here are some dos and don’t when dealing with an older women. Be careful, because one wrong move and you are out of there.

The Dos

First thing first. Be CONFIDENT! No adult, 30+ year old woman wants a chump. If you are going to approach a woman, approach her expecting that she expects you to be a real man and go for it. Get that? Nothing is more attractive to a mature, independent minded woman, then a guy who goes after what he wants.

Be consistent. Woman watch there predators like a hawk. They know our every move. Stay consistent in being a genuine person. Continue to be yourself. Understand that she has had a “boy” at some point in her life and now wants a “Man” in her life.

Guys, have your junk together. Before you even approach a women, figure out or at least have a pretty good idea of what you want out of life. Trust me when I say that if you don’t have a clue or too iffy, she will sniff you out like a tigress hunting her prey. It is very important that you bring something to the table. Women in general hate uncertainty, and an older woman won’t put up with it long.

Be totally honest. One reason is women are human lie detectors. Most, if not all of our male predecessors have already done much damage in that area, so these women are wised up. But more importantly, they are more understanding than you know. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth about anything. You would be surprised as to what they can handle and take on if you are genuine.

The most important is that you treat them with respect. You show a woman that you respect her and her place, and she will give you the world. That goes for all ages. To give an example, a 35 year old woman, who feels respected, will literally give you the world if it’s within her power to do so.

The Don’ts

A small lesson I learned is about “the age thing”.If an older woman 10 years your senior chooses with good reason to be with you, please refrain from being inferior to the age difference. It makes you both uncomfortable. Just accept it for what it is.

Don’t be petty. Women have had many years to play around, and argue about stuff that really should not have mattered when she was your age. If it’s not truly harming to the relationship, then let it go. Remember, when she is happy, you are happiest. This brings about the next point.

When you get with an older woman, she is likely to already have her own life. She is settled, has friends and activities that she has been doing for years now. Don’t, and I repeat, don’t try and change that. She will eventually move her life around for you (if it’s serious), but don’t force it. These things take time guys. Remember, you asked for her attention and time. So wait on her. Trust me, she will come around.

Don’t set unreasonable expectations. You’re no walk in the park yourself. If there is something of concern, let her know that outright. Remember, she is more understanding than you think. When you do talk about it, allow time for the building process to take place.

Last but not least, don’t be so clingy. Yes, we know that she has put you under a potent spell. But be cool about it. She is not going anywhere. Older women are very transparent and very apparent. If she doesn’t want anything to do with you, she won’t have anything to do with you. So relax, let her breath and be secure in her and yourself.

These tips of course do not begin to touch the iceberg one dating women, let alone, dating an older woman. These are just some of the situations you may come across in your every dealings with a woman your senior. The most important thing is every woman has a little girl inside of them. Don’t mistreat the girl, or you are surety for some serious fire damage. Treat her with respect, honor and dignity. Treat her like a woman, and “all woman” is what you will get out of her.

Man I love those creatures!

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