Dating and Relationships in the New Millennium

October 4, 2016

Suppose you find yourself wondering about the possibilities of dating and finding love in this new millennium, in which spiritual conditions and financial crises keep us from connecting in all the ways we would like. If so, I think I can help. As many of us know, dating is not just about connecting on a physical level or being attracted to someone, at least not for the wise among us, those who approach dating as a heartfelt connection.

We often find ourselves not knowing where to go to meet people, or we wonder about what finding love might look like in contemporary society. The first key is to look for a dating partner in the places where you ordinarily go to find recreational activities-dating is not a habit that emerges out of a vacuum; one has to begin with something. The best places are those where we do our daily work, and dating comes from these connections before it comes from a set of rules or a book of ways to win a heart.

It is also important to remember that dating is not just about what goes on behind the bedroom door; one needs to be friends with those one dates. There’s nothing wrong with looking good, but don’t focus all your dating effort on this one aspect of who you really are. You are more than just your wardrobe, and honest dating reveals not just the outside of a person, but also the inside. The wisest among us know that it requires a healthy balance between outside and inside to find true love, a true soul mate.

Once you realize that you begin with what and who you are, it’s simple to find people to spend time with. If someone catches your eye, consider approaching him or her. Dating is not something that doesn’t come naturally and needs to be regulated or worried over. Dating is a simple process of getting to know others, and it ought to be fun. If one is over-prepared for the process known as dating, one might miss out on what is right in front of one’s face: the people and relationships that have been waiting to be made sense of and enjoyed. I think the best approach is the most honest one, for if one is sincere and authentically true to oneself, then the dating game is more than just a romantic game; it’s a way to connect with others and form true and lasting friendships, and perhaps find a true love in the process.

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