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Christian Online Dating

February 6, 2017

The internet lets us do many things. People can work from home, communicate with people around the world, go to school, order merchandise and even date. Using the Internet to meet with people who share the same interests, values and ideas, with the outcome being a romantic relationship, is known as internet dating or online dating. According to Online Dating Magazine, an estimated 20 million people visited online dating sites in 2009.
There are online dating sites for all groups with different interests. Sites for young people, older people, horse lovers, RV owners, bikers, single parents and those who have the same religious beliefs. Christian online dating services consist of individuals looking for a potential partner that shares the Christian faith. This can sometimes be difficult on regular dating websites.Christian sites, just like other online dating sites, offer services such as online chatting and instant messaging. And like other sites, people can view each other’s profiles to locate a potential date.

People of faith feel like their beliefs define them. Unlike other dating sites, popular topics of discussion might include Bible doctrine, missionary work, and other popular religious topics. Also, Christian online dating sites often include Bible verses and passages that change daily. Also, on Christian sites, participants are most likely looking for their life-long mate and marriage.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to online dating. When using an internet dating service, one has the opportunity to meet a very large number of potential partners. This could not be done when dating traditionally and thus there is a better chance of locating someone who shares your interests. Further, online dating sites offer matchmaking services and tips and advice to assist in narrowing down the vast number of potential partner possibilities.

Psychologically there are advantages to online dating. If one is uncomfortable when meeting people for the first time, then an online meeting can “break the ice” before the first face to face meeting. Also, the fear of rejection is lessoned. If one online “date” does not seem to work, then there are many other potentials on the site. Also, on Christian sites there are a large number of participants that are in the market for a serious commitment, so this can alleviate some of the unknowns in a relationship.

There are disadvantages to online dating as well. Safety is a primary concern. Many (especially women) are leery about meeting someone offline. Meeting a date, no matter how well you think you know that person and believe them to be a Christian, should be done in a public place and a friend should know your plans.

Distance between partners can be an obstacle with any online dating experience. It is not unreasonable that your romantic interest could live across the country or even the world. If desired, online sites have services that offer to match people who live close to each other.

Cost can be a factor as well. Most sites charge some kind of fee to access their services. A membership fee is usually required. Monthly fees may follow. When searching for a Christian site, try one with a free trial membership to see if it is right for you.

Christian online dating services have similarities and differences when compared to other online dating services. A Christian site can give Christians the opportunity to meet, discuss a variety topics including the Bible, and hopefully meet their soul mate.

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