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Background Checks Before Dating

February 7, 2017

The Way of Tomorrow?

Background checks are used so much in today’s time, especially by employers. A background check can now be obtained from a plethora of sources, some government and others independent. Each background check service has individual prices and features, some going more in-depth than others. The bottom line is, with today’s technology, there are enough background check services available with a wide enough variety of prices that everyone should invest more time and money into using these services.

When people hear “background check”, they think “job” or “government” or something along those lines, but this is a mistake. People need to start using background check services more conventionally and for more personal uses. When you’re going on a date (especially a blind date), you don’t know anything about this person except what he/she tells you! Now, pretty much anyone on a first time date with someone else isn’t going to reveal their deepest or darkest secrets, especially if it is things from the past that they are ashamed of. But some things are not meant to be hidden!

For example, imagine you were to meet someone for a blind date and everything goes GREAT! You hit it off real well with your partner and continue on more dates. After several months of dating, you decide to move this person in with you and your children, only to find out that this person is a convicted child molestor. Now, had you known this from day one, things may have never progressed this far in the first place! But now with all the time that has gone by, trying to tell this person to leave after so long could create an even BIGGER problem!

That is just one example out of many of the things you could benefit from just by using background check services for personal reasons. There are HUNDREDS of other reasons to use them personally (check up on your doctors background, a school teachers background, etc), but to me this is one of the most important. Dating someone and falling in love is bringing someone into your life in a whole new way. This is someone that will be around your children on a daily basis along with yourself. If more people began using background check services for dating and things such as that, they would have much more insight on what they are getting into before they even get things started. If you’re not interested with anyone that has a criminal background, then shouldn’t you check up on that before you go on a date with them? It only makes sense.

Most people have the incorrect assumption that getting a background check is a long, boring and expensive process. Contrary to the popular belief, getting a background check is extremely simple and inexpensive with today’s technology. There are hundreds of reliable background check services that can be accessed online and used online. You never even have to leave the comfort of your home! Some prices for one individual’s background report can cost as low as $5.00 and you can get memberships for one year of unlimited access at other websites for as low as $30 or $40! Nothing compared to the peace of mind you receive from truly knowing who you are getting involved with.

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