Baby Boomer Dating – Follow These Critical Rules to Make it a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

September 19, 2016

Online dating has finally come to the rescue of us seniors who don’t want to be restricted by the local aged veterans’ clubs, cookery for the over 55s or Yoga for the mature age group. Senior dating websites cater for likeminded people who are looking for partners and have actually got an idea of what life was like before internet dating came around.

As a senior, mentioning on line dating conjures up some pretty unattractive images of old men looking for 25 year olds. Thank goodness there are Seniors only sites where we can meet others who are looking for partners in that age group. Given that everyone who is on the Senior dating sites are members, you are assured that they are also looking for company.

Well, you may have been out of the dating game for a while and the thought of entering it all over again may be a bit daunting to you. How do you know if you have found the Mr or Ms Right you are looking for? Think back to your own life experiences…Sometimes friendships ‘blossom’ after the initial meeting and bloom into something beautiful and profound. Other times, there is no connection and it doesn’t take long to realise that you are simply incompatible. Online dating is similar. Give your new friends time to settle into your friendship. It may not hit you initially like a lightning bolt, but it may grow and turn into a satisfying relationship with time.

By using online dating, you have a wider net to cast over prospective partners. You have the opportunity to build your friendship via email or instant messenger, or you may choose to call them and speak via phone. people tend to get closer quicker when they correspond via email than they may do if they had the same relationship in person. This is possibly due to the anonymity that the internet provides us with.

This is an exciting time in dating for Seniors. There are some rules of thumb that you must adhere to in order to make the experience a safe and enjoyable one for you.
-Always make sure that you correspond via the dating agencies internal secure email service.
-Never give out you full name, address or home phone number.
-Always meet in a public place
-Always ALWAYS have your own transport arrangements for when you need to go home. Have a friend, family member or cab ready to pick you up at a specific time.

Observing these simple safety rules will hopefully have you avoiding some of the pitfalls that on line dating attracts, unfortunately. Once you have these things sorted, however, you can go on to enjoy an exciting world of online dating where you may well meet the ONE…or at the very least, have fun looking.

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