6 Ways Your Online Dating Profile May Be Sending the Wrong Message

October 16, 2016

Like with everything else, more and more people are turning to the Internet to find that perfect match-their “soul mates.” The key to online dating (and finding that perfect person) is to create a knockout profile-that first-impression synopsis of yourself that people read when searching for “the one.”

One bit of advice: don’t underestimate the power of your profile. Sure, you might know that you’re a great person and that anyone would be lucky to be in your presence, but when online daters are searching through thousands upon thousands of people, how will you capture their attention? Avoid these online dating mistakes and make sure your profile isn’t sending the wrong message.

Generic headers. What this says about you: I am boring and unimaginative. I have no creativity, and even if I did capture your interest with this, our relationship would be just as boring.

When people post generic headers in their profiles like, “I may be the one for you” or “hello,” this shows that they didn’t take the time to try to think of anything original. These headers are profusely overused. Instead, think of a header more representative of your actual personality. A great example that I found online was, “Willing to Lie About How We Met!”

Misspelled words and grammatical errors throughout the profile. What this says about you: I am unintelligent, and I didn’t even take the time out to perform a spell check.

There is a difference between using shortcuts and slang (i.e. “luv” instead of “love” or “u” instead of “you”) versus blatant misspelled words (i.e. you are so “beutyful”). Run-on sentences are also very annoying. Before publishing your profile to the world, please have another person proofread it to make sure you are communicating effectively.

Overly provocative photos. What this says about you: I have nothing to offer you but sex.

Some people think the only way to capture someone’s attention is to post photos of themselves in suggestive clothing and positions, grabbing on to their body parts, or eating strawberries. Hello! There is much more to relationships than just sex! Your photos should give someone a general idea of how you look-not what you can do for them in the bedroom. Please stop selling yourselves short by posting these photos.

Unflattering photos. What this says about you: I was too lazy to find a decent photo of myself-take it or leave it.

If you are too lazy to present yourself in the best way possible upon someone first meeting you (in this case, online), then how much pride will you have for yourself if and when we establish a more serious relationship?

Personally, I hate to see pictures of guys in their “wave caps,” with cigarettes in their mouths (or behind their ears), or with ex-girlfriends (hello-you’re on a dating site and probably looking for a new girlfriend, so why post this picture?). Make sure your photos represent you in the best light possible. They don’t all have to be glamour shots (nor should they be), but please make sure they are decent.

No photos. What this says about you: I am unattractive or not confident in myself.

Profiles with no photos are more likely to be bypassed on online dating sites. Who wants to be with someone who is insecure about themselves? We know that, ideally, it is important to get to know who a person is, rather than focusing on their looks, but come on, who are we kidding? If I had to take a guess, I’d say that about ninety percent of the initial attraction between two people comes from how physically attractive those two people find each other. The bottom line is this: no photos, no responses.

Negative comments in your profile. What this says about you: I am a complainer, bitter, and I will bring you down.

At all times, be positive in your profile. That means no complaining about the things you don’t like (whether it’s music, food, personality types) or taking the opportunity to tell the world what a jerk your last boyfriend or girlfriend was. Just take the positive angle by stating the things you do enjoy and what you are looking for in that special person.

Following these guidelines could make sure your profile sends the RIGHT message.

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