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January 2017


Your Teen Daughter and Dating

Now that my daughters have reached teenage hood, I know dating will be right around the corner. Not that silly elementary school boyfriend girlfriend stuff, but real honest to goodness dating. My husbands’ idea of dealing with this is to make sure any boy…

January 25, 2017

Dating: Men and Bi-Racial Women

The whole dating scene is an interesting atmosphere. The rules, the games. And the surprising thing for me is that even as you get older, it doesn’t change much. Oh, the rules may differ, like the “how soon do I call him” rule, but…

January 24, 2017

Dating: Younger or Older Men?

What’s Your Preference? Well, being a single woman, dating can be a different arena compared to the finding Mr. Right arena. But then again, I don’t really date (too) casually, nor do I date with the sole purpose of finding Mr. R. I just…

January 20, 2017

Places to Meet Women for Dating and Romance

You can meet women just about anywhere you go – work, the grocery store, for a walk, at the park, at a cafe, etc. You probably run errands every day and see women but you never think about meeting them there. That might be…

January 9, 2017
Knowledge Offbeat

Dating is like Fishing

The introduction to a young lady can take the comical, the natural or the profane route. Certain types of routes attract different types of woman. For example, the comical attracts the fun loving, the natural attracts the deep thinker and the profane attracts rift…

January 8, 2017