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January 2017

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Online Dating: How to Appear Interesting to People Online

January 31, 2017

Have you been wondering why it is very easy for some people to find some friends online? If you have been trying to strike up some friendship online and is not really doing a good job of it, you might want to try changing your strategies. If you really want to find somebody interesting online, you should make sure that your website looks interesting enough. Take a closer look at your website and ask yourself, if you were just somebody…

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Knowledge Offbeat

Dating in Style in Austin, Texas

Restaurants and Activity Ideas for the Austin Single For the Austin single with an affinity for the culinary, a bit of saffron, oregano, anise or celery salt is just a matter of course, and in Austin, finding a place to satisfy your inner appetitions…

January 28, 2017
Knowledge Offbeat

Your Son is Dating a Stripper – How to React

A friend of mine recently called me completely beside herself. Since this friend is usually one of the most even tempered and calm people I knew, I immediately assumed the worst. It turned out that she was so upset and racked with worry because…

January 26, 2017