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Is Your Teenager Dating?

February 23, 2017

Facts You Should Know Teenagers are well on their way to being adults. Like adults, they are curious about the opposite sex. That means they are either already dating or are getting up the nerve to ask you about it. Not all teens develop an interest in dating at the same time, so do not think your teenager is different simply because his brother started dating at 15. Every child develops at his/her own rate. Boys get the idea when…

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5 Dating Mindsets that Sabotage Your Love Life

February 22, 2017

Just about everyone experiences a bad relationship at some point. Being able to move on without carrying that baggage with you is important. Here are 5 dating mindsets that sabotage your love life before it even has a chance. Dating Mindsets that Sabotage Your Love Life-Unrealistic Expectations We all fantasize about finding the man or woman of our dreams. Unfortunately, there are not many real people that can live up to every aspect of what we consider to be the…

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Single Parents Getting Back on the Dating Track

February 21, 2017

As a newly single parent, the horizons may seem somewhat daunting. Indeed, even the bravest of souls may occasionally balk at the prospect of having to raise kids and facing all of parenthood’s woes alone. Usually, a single parent is faced with many other issues. Aside from thinking about what’s best for the kids, a single parent is also confronted with facing emotional residue, dealing with the pressure to immediately recover and addressing personal needs that may be crucial for…

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Single Parent Dating Tips to Get You Back In the Game

February 20, 2017

Here are some tips to get all of you single Mom’s and Dad’s back in the dating game. First key to successfully finding someone that is compatible is to know yourself. What activities or enjoyments do you like? Next, go partake in them! You can meet many new people at local gyms, community centers, classes, etc. Even though not everyone or even anyone will be single, you’re getting yourself out there. Maybe just a new friend that you met at…

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Shameless Dating

February 19, 2017

Become a Chamelion, so Your Date Will like ….you Trust your gut. The best advice for most situations including dating. You think your lady likes the “bad Boy” do you? But your like Don, a nice guy. You talk to your mom on the phone, you still wash your dad’s car, and you still talk a lot about your parents while you are on a date even though you are 35. Change your image. You have a tip, from your…

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Dating as a Single Parent: Helpful Tips to Find Happiness

February 18, 2017

Dating, oh man, after being in a bad relationship it was hard to start dating again. My son and I had been on our own since he was one years-old. I had no time to make friends, let alone date. When my son was four I decide it was time to invest in myself and my happiness. I found several things helpful when I started dating again. The first 2 things that area a must. Since my son was so…

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